OCTRA is the first French Transport Engineering Company with both forwarding and engineering status

Our key feature is based on the concept of TRANSPORT ENGINEERING that we apply to all the complex transports and gives us a unique identity in France and within the sector.

This expertise is a nature for OCTRA due its internal set up as well as its own highly qualified team.

Heavy Lift and Project are not for us a wording, this is what we do every day in a profesional manner and this is what we like above everything

Heavy Lift Transport




Global Project & Multimodal Forwarding

OCTRA group of companies has highly qualified personnel in various areas of activity. We also offer all kinds of ancillary services worldwide, such as transport insurance, customs clearance, processing of shipping documents, preparation of feasibility reports, etc…

We are not therefore limited to the movement of special or complex loads, but are also involved in any additional activities related to multimodal transport, and capable of giving our customers the comprehensive response that they need at any time, in France or anywhere else.

We are experts in the transport of Global Project and Heavy-Lift cargoes as well as in any activity related to added value multimodal transport.