OCTRA is an European company specialized in the transport of Global Project and Heavy-Lift components, as well as in any activity related to multimodal transport.

We mainly assist petrochemical, offshore, civil engineering, grid and nuclear industries, based on our wide experience and market knowledge.

Our key feature is based on the concept of TRANSPORT ENGINEERING that we apply to all our complex operations and gives us a unique identity in Europe as well as within the sector.

For this, we relay on our own engineering department consisting of:

Civil and Structural Engineers
Naval Architects
Merchant Marines

The work of this Department in the design of each operation is a unique added value. We also follow a policy of personal supervision in special operations, anywhere in the world.

Our offices are strategically placed throughout Europe: Paris, Madrid, Rotterdam & Montoir / St Nazaire but we can also relay on our South American ones in Mexico and Peru (covering Chile and Bolivia)